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Development requirements from the company

  1. Create the following tables in the database:
    1. Document details.
    2. Item details.
    3. Event Management.
    4. Response against E-Invoice.
  2. Save data in the above table structure as per the required schema.
  3. Change invoice print layout to incorporate QR code and other required fields.

Process and requirement for Logitax Watcher installation

  1. Release of .exe file and other related files to be installed on Window server.
  2. Running of installation and creating a windows service.
  3. Installation of Dot net core 5.0 application on the server.
  4. Whitelisting LogiTax APIs in the firewall

What is LogiTax Watcher (Case study) ?

Understand how Established MNC's used LogiTax Watcher and solved the Problem of Integration without API development.

Problems faced by User:

  • User was using Proprietary Software.
  • Their Tech team was unable to upgrade the billing solution to consume all API
  • Development was controlled globally for any third party integration.

Impact on users:

  • Users had to Upload and Export E-Invoice data on Government manual utility.
  • They had to generate JSON manually to upload on the Government portal.
  • They also had to download Standard Invoice print and ERP Invoice print.
  • It took Approximately 10 Mins to generate the E-Invoice.

Solution Users Got:

  • User was able to Go Live in One Day using LogiTax Watcher.
  • They generated E-Invoice without any API integration.
  • Users were able to Manage Logs and Audit Trail.
  • Users got access to 20+ Reports & Dashboards.

Company Achieved:

  • Saved the cost of development around Rs 1.50 Lac.
  • Reduced man-hour effort of 8250* hours each month.
  • Secured risk of non-compliance with 100% IRN generation.
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