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New Releases

Sr. No Particulars Description
1. Filed GSTR1 multi-month excel download Users can now easily download their GSTR-1 data for all months in a click for single GSTIN. This feature simplifies the process of obtaining GSTR-1 data for analysis and record-keeping.
2. Excel Upload for company creation This feature allows users to upload a single excel file to create multiple companies with a single click or to create a single company with multiple GSTINs in one go. It streamlines the company creation process, making it more efficient.
3. Upload Data - "Trial Balance" Users can now upload Trial Balance data at the individual GSTIN level as well as at the PAN level. This feature provides flexibility for managing financial data and ensures accurate reporting.
4. Filed GSTR3B multi-month excel download This new feature enables users to download GSTR-3B data for all months in a click for single GSTIN. It simplifies the process of obtaining historical GSTR-3B data for analysis and compliance purposes.
5. GSTR9 - Prefilled GSTR9 - Download in Excel Users can now download Prefilled GSTR-9 data in a single Excel sheet. This feature enhances convenience and simplifies the process of preparing and reviewing GSTR-9 returns.
6. PAN level view in PR- addition of some error records Previously, errors like "Already claimed" and "Already Reconciled" were not included in the error list. With this feature, these errors are now added to the error list, providing users with more comprehensive error information.
7. Range Filter on Document Issue This feature introduces a range filter for the Document Issue column, making it easier for users to filter and sort data related to document issuances. It enhances data management and retrieval capabilities.
8. Improvements in the logic of sequence Generation for GSTR-1 filling An improved logic has been added for the auto computation of Invoice series calculation in GSTR-1. This ensures that the Invoice Series is computed correctly, addressing any issues with previous calculations and enhancing the accuracy of GSTR-1 reporting.
9. Trial balance comparison of GSTINs for one PAN Our latest feature allows you to effortlessly compare Trial Balance data for both single GSTIN and PAN level, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

Webinar Summary


GSTR 9 and 9C: Key Changes for FY 23

Amendments and claiming Input Tax Credit (ITC) for the financial year 2022-23 must be completed by November 30,…

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Reverse Charge Mechanism under GST

The Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a concept that has been introduced to…

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October- GST Functionality updates

1. Facility of enrolment for supply of goods through e-commerce operators by GST un-registered suppliers By way of…

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Electronic Credit Reversal and Re-claimed Statement

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has transformed India’s taxation landscape, introducing efficiency and…

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Rule 88D- Mismatch in GSTR-2B and GSTR-3B

Rule 88D under the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Rules plays a pivotal role in addressing the mismatch of…

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Key Highlights of 52nd GST council meeting

The 52nd GST Council was held on 7th of October 2023 under the Chairpersonship of Union Minister for Finance &…

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What are Zero-rated Supplies?

The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India brought significant changes to the taxation landscape. Among…

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GST Notifications dated 19.10.2023

On October 19, 2023, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) issued nine notifications related to Central Goods and...

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Case Laws

GST ITC can not be denied only due to mismatch with GSTR 2A!

Section 16 of the CGST Act lays down the conditions to be fulfilled by GST registered buyers to claim ITC.…

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Proper service of Form GST DRC-07 containing reasons

Date – 9/13/2021 Authority – High court Company Name – M/s DAUJI ISPAT PRIVATE LIMITED Name –M/s DAUJI ISPAT PRIVATE...

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Classification of Naturopathy Services

Date –10/8/2021 Authority –  AUTHORITY FOR ADVANCE RULING Company Name – M/s CORBETT NATURE RESERVE ...

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Goods transport agency under GST

The Goods Transport Agency (GTA) plays a crucial role in facilitating the movement of goods across the country. As per the provisions of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, GTA services are subject...

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TDS and TCS under GST: A Detailed Guide

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Tax Collected at Source (TCS) are essential components of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) framework in India..…

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Supply & Types of Supply under GST

When GST (Goods and Services Tax) was introduced in 2017, it brought about a significant change in the way taxes were applied to various goods and services...

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Place of supply in GST

“Place of supply” in GST refers to the location where the taxable event occurs. For goods, it’s where the goods are supplied, and for services, it’s where the services are provided...

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